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 Theme of the year copy

Admission for 2 begins April 8 2018




The Principal Speaks...

Father Jiju"There are two gifts that we must give our children, one is roots, the other is wings." A very pertinent saying for our College as we begin the new academic year with the theme Tradition: A Call for innovation." This is what we try to accomplish in our college; to give roots to our students in our tradition and to give them wings to soar high according to their abilities.

Established in 1988, our College is entering into thirty years of serving the nation in the education sector. During these years, the College has been able to establish a tradition that is known for quality and one that enables students to bring out the best in them. Our tradition in turn has its roots in the Jesuit tradition of more than four centuries old. This great tradition of ours fosters human values of love, justice, compassion, honesty and hard work. It teaches students to grow in respect for oneself, others, the cosmos and the transcendental. It imparts to our students the tenets of excellence, service and leadership. It is in this tradition we want our students and everyone else in the College family to be deeply rooted. We also expect them to exhibit the values of our tradition in their daily lives. 

At the same time, we do not consider our tradition to be static or stagnant. We consider it to be in dynamic interplay with the changing times. As a result, our tradition is challenged to be innovative and creative. It is evident from the fact that our college has grown from a mere plus two college to having more than three thousand students currently. Our tradition does not allow us to be satisfied with the status quo but invites us to be innovative and creative. The deep roots in our tradition allow us to be strong at the same time enable us to grow and expand our horizons wide.

Just like a tree, we change leaves through innovation and creativity while our roots continue to spread and go deeper by establishing new-found relationships based on the values of our tradition. We give our students wings to fly and soar high in the sky and at the same time teach them to be rooted and grounded. We teach our students that a tree without its roots is just a piece of wood and has no means to grow. 

St. Xavier's is a great place for anyone to take deep roots in our tradition while giving wings to one's dream through innovation and creativity and bringing out the best in oneself. 
Let our tradition challenge us to be innovative in all that we do.

Fr. Jiju Varghese, S.J.
01, June, 2017